Team Up


My favorite surprise is. . .

. . . when the UPS man brings me a treat.

You might be surprised that. . .

. . .my sense of smell is terrible.

My people love it when. . .

. . .I play hide and seek with them.

I have. . .

. . .my own hashtag with a ridiculous number of ridiculous photos at #rosiephotoaday.


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Also known as First Impressions Director, Om Specialist, Visitor Prophet, Happiness Advocate, Hug Architect
If you were to be reincarnated, I’m sure you would want to come back as Rosie. She has the life. Her favorite days are those when she goes to work at the studio—greeting postal workers, delivery people, and clients with a sniff and a toy that needs to be thrown (if you can take it from the grip of her gentle jaws).

When she’s not working, she enjoys lying in the grass, running zoomies through the yard, listening to the squirrels chatter and long walks at the park.