Team Up

Jackie Powell

I’m most likely . . .

. . .  to bring levity to a tense situation.

I’m probably  . . .

. . . the first to say yes when invited on any adventure.

The best  . . .

. . . Thai food in Lexington is at Jasmine Rice.

I’m passionate about  . . .

. . .  giving people a glimpse of their true identity and watching them come to life.

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Also known as Co-Conspirator, Executive Crayon Manager, Creator of Opportunities, Chief Imagination Advisor
Jackie intended to study nursing in college. Thankfully, through the magic of TV, she was introduced to the creative marketing industry. A place where children (and dogs) can share the office, and fun is a natural byproduct of the workflow.

Around Serif Group, Jackie enjoys publication design, creative problem solving, networking, and volunteer work (particularly with the homeless). It’s most thrilling when her penchant for connecting people is called upon in work or leisure settings.

In her free time, she loves traveling with Bill and the boys, Zach and Billy, exploring nature, scrapbooking, and running 5K’s and 10K’s. Just say the word “go” and Jackie is ready to meet a challenge (unless it’s another half marathon) or embrace an exciting opportunity.

A graduate of Carlisle County High School and the University of Kentucky, Jackie still enjoys getting back to her slower-paced, small town roots.