Colors bring symbolism and meaning to everything. When Jackie and Bill Powell started Serif Group in 2000, they wanted a dominant color that stood out from the rest of the corporate-y hunter green, maroon and blue. Coloring outside the lines from energetic abundance and expressing optimism, the color Orange emerged as the color that represented the essence of Serif Group best. It radiates warmth and happiness, combining the cheerfulness of yellow and the physical energy and stimulation of red.


From Harry Beckwith's Selling the Invisible
Prospects do not buy how good you are at what you do. They buy how good you are at who you are. People deal with you because they feel comfortable with you. Convey that you are “positively good.” It is better to say too little than too much. Watch what you show – lobby, clothes, business card, etc. Make sure people see who you are. Make the invisible visible. There is no correlation between the orangeness of an orange and its flavour. Growers pick oranges when they are green. They never get any riper or juicier. The oranges are colored artificially. Seeing is believing, so check your peel.